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Sale of cars from your own fleet

Our company provides services only to legal entities
Our sales specialists are ready to offer you services in a wide range of issues related to the fleet.
Preparation of a commercial offer is possible for any cars officially presented on the Russian market.
You will have access to online reporting on your fleet, as well as the opportunity to contact your personal service manager with any questions.

Under the management of a team of AUTO PARTNERS professionals there are more than 5,000 cars in Russia

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Operating leases

It is an effective solution for corporate fleet management. The client gets the opportunity to focus on the core business, delegating responsibility and risks to a team of professionals.

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Receives for use a new car of his choice, insured, registered and completely ready for operation. Throughout the entire period of use, the rental company maintains the car, organizes technical support, tire fitting, etc. All expenses are included in the monthly payment.

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It implies the immutability of conditions: the monthly payment is fixed for the period and mileage specified by the client and already includes all the costs that the operation of the car implies. The client has the possibility of simplified budgeting of vehicle fleet costs, outsourcing of risks, and increased transparency of costs.

Mobile application
AP Connect
  • All necessary contact information
  • Service operations archive
  • A reminder of the need to undergo scheduled maintenance in a timely manner
  • Communication with an employee of AutoPartners
  • Record for repair
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Question and answer
We cooperate with a wide range of companies.
You will receive detailed information after consultation with our specialists
We are ready to make an offer for all brands of passenger cars on the Russian market
There are no restrictions!
We will prepare an offer for the number of cars you need
Lease term can be 24, 36, 48 or 60 months
Maintenance is carried out exclusively by certified partners, which guarantees the quality of work performed and safety during further operation.
The full range of services is included:
  • seasonal tire change

  • storage
We work with several processing companies and can offer our customers a wide range of fuel services
Our clients get access to Online reporting on their fleet, and also have the opportunity to contact their personal service managers with any questions.
Yes, after analyzing your fleet, we will make an offer to buy
Still have questions?
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